In 2009 we started as a small company or provider of security solutions based on GSM with wired and wireless alarm system and GSM and GSM communicator. With the help of our home security system, which is so easy to install that it can be installed almost by itself, we have quickly outgrown local frameworks and ventured into international waters. Since then, we still provide security solutions for the protection of homes and business premises, and we have expanded our offer with top-quality products for home automation and security video cameras. Despite the dramatic success at the international level and the challenges we face and overcome, we remain faithful to our humble beginnings, as each party is still equally important to us.

We provide more than just home security products. With our home automation products, GPRS and surveillance products, we also offer convenience and security, giving our customers complete control over their home or business premises from anywhere.

Our suppliers train us regularly, so we can grow in a professional but relaxed and user-friendly atmosphere provided by our quick technical support. As a provider, we are committed to providing the best solutions for the protection of home and business premises at the local level.

Top proizvajalci

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